Brand highlight: CURE


CURE is one of the first Brandisty users, and therefore has a special place in our hearts, minds, databases and servers. They also happen to have a very altruistic brand identity as their mission is to provide life-changing surgeries for children in need in 30 countries around the world. I got the pleasure of learning this and more from Daniel Golden, Design Manager for CURE International.

Brandisty: What is CURE?

CURE: We’re a nonprofit network of charitable hospitals and surgical programs who provides treatment for children with conditions like clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lips, untreated burns and hydrocephalus. We specialize in treating kids in developing countries where care for their condition is very scarce, many miles away or financially out of reach.

Brandisty: At what point did CURE grow big enough to warrant a brand identity?

CURE: Very early on, around the time our first hospital opened in 1998, there was an apparent need for a consistent brand identity.

Brandisty: Was branding done in-house or outsourced?

CURE: I have to admit that I’m not sure who created our initial brand identity, but our current branding was established by Joel Glovier in roughly 2011. This was a pretty massive overhaul to our visual brand, and while our name didn’t change, we got a serious make-over as an organization.

Brandisty: What is the concept or story behind your logo?

CURE: Hahahaha, this one is kind of funny, but it might be a secret. I’ll just say that our logo is better than it used to be, by a long shot.

Brandisty: What is the concept or story behind the colors and fonts chosen?

CURE: We really wanted to convey that what we do is about the kids. We don’t take ourselves too seriously to have fun and this is conveyed in a small way through some design decisions.

Brandisty: Are there any images or photos that you use to represent your brand in conjunction with your other brand assets?

CURE: Oh, man, don’t get me started. We are blessed with one of the greatest creative teams I’ve seen or have had the opportunity to work with. As far as photographs are concerned, we’re lead by Bryce Flurie. We benefit greatly from the time that Bryce spends on the road (you should see his schedule).

We also have, what we call, CUREkids Coordinators who tell the story of the kids that we serve through photography and words in many of the different countries where we serve. Their work is in every child’s profile on our website

Brandisty: What’s your most used or liked Brandisty feature?

CURE: Being able to direct my colleagues and press inquires to this page so that they can download our logos in the format they choose has been so helpful. I’ve been accustomed to rewriting the classic “I’ve attached our logo to this message” email, so when I first heard about what you were able to do through Brandisty, I was pretty happy.

Check out CURE’s brandspace

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